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Health call centre software

Our health call centre clinical software - CareEnhance Call Centre (CeCC) - is Australia’s leading clinical decision support system. It uses clinically proven protocols and has safely taken more than two million health advice calls in our region.

It is used to support all our population based health advice services and is also used by the Victorian Metropolitan Ambulance Service to support a secondary triage service.

Globally, CECC is successfully used by more than 20 health systems and has safely taken over 10 million calls worldwide in 25 years.

CareEnhance Call Centre Software (CECC) includes;

  • Nurse triage
  • Compliance and disease monitoring
  • Chronic disease management
  • Provider/doctor referral
  • Health information
  • Surveys
  • Call queue management
  • Literature fulfilment


  • Locally reviewed and approved adult, paediatric, mental health and women’s health guidelines
  • Ease of navigation and intuitiveness
  • Unlimited user-defined fields at all parts of call flow
  • Call queue tracking with on-screen statistics
  • Easy integration with ‘legacy’ systems
  • Fully integrated Internet interface (doctor referral, class registration and health information)
  • Thin client technology to support remote users
  • Client/server, MS SQL, VB


  • Proven local clinical content assures quality, consistent care
  • Thin-client technology enables remote users, helping you address ongoing labour shortages
  • Intuitive call flow supports skill-based routing and increased call efficiency, freeing up resources to handle new business
  • Integrated, real-time Internet interface eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Enhanced reporting enables you to more easily justify the value of your call centre
  • Enhances productivity by centralising fragmented services 

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