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Telephonic health coaching

Willpower alone is often not enough to achieve lasting changes to our health. Telephonic health coaching provides the support needed for change.

Through our health coaching program, participants can get the support they need from their own health consultant who will provide the motivation, tools and techniques that participants need to make permanent change.

Our experienced health consultants include Exercise physiologists, Dieticians and Nurses who can help manage and improve many aspect of a participant’s health. From weight loss, to increasing physical activity, managing stress or stopping smoking they are there to assist participant on the journey of change.

Our coaching program is a confidential, telephone-based program which will

  • Help to set a health goal and develop a plan of attack
  • Provide regular phone contact over the 6-month program to help you achieve your goals
  • Provide a phone-in service for extra support when you need it
  • Provide health information that’s relevant to the participant’s health goal

The program captures relevant clinical, behavioural and change data along the way and outcomes have been validated through various health bodies such as University of Michigan and University of Sydney. Some key outcomes include:

  • 96% made better food choices
  • 84% increased their exercise
  • 64% lost weight

There are many benefits associated with making a lifestyle change decision. These could include improved physical and mental health, increased energy levels, improved confidence and self esteem, as well as financial savings.

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