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Welcome to the November edition of the GHS ...

This newsletter contains important reminders and updates on ADF policies and requirements when treating ADF personnel.

The health of the ADF is central to everything we do, so it’s very important that we are delivering health services in line with all requirements. Our dedicated team is here to support you and help you resolve any questions or concerns.

One of the highlights for the second quarter of the year was establishing a partnership with Medipass, a leading health payment solutions provider, to launch our new online invoicing portal. If you’re an eligible provider, Medipass allows you to submit your invoices online, making your billing process easier and smoother. Using Medipass, you will be able to submit your invoice with ease, track the status of your invoice at any time and get paid within 7 days (when a correctly rendered invoice submitted and are a contracted provider within the GHS Provider Network). You can read more about Medipass in the article below.

On a separate note, Medibank’s Garrison Health Services (GHS) has been verbally informed by Defence that while the tender process for the Next Generation Health Services is not complete, GHS has not been selected as the preferred tenderer for the renewal of the

GHS contract. At this point in time, we will continue to perform all services under the current contract with the ADF until its expiry on 30 June 2019. As such we will continue with ’business as usual’ for services and treatment provided to ADF personnel until this date. We remain committed to the delivery of a high quality service to the ADF and its personnel. If you have any questions, please call the GHS Provider Support team on 1300 126 420 or email us at GHS.providerfeedback@medibank.com.au.

Thank you for working with us to ensure that all ADF personnel continue to have the best healthcare experience possible.

Euan Murdoch | General Manager | Medibank’s Garrison Health Services

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