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Importance of confirming eligibility for healthcare services covered ...

As you are aware, the ADF provides access to health services for Eligible Personnel (ADF personnel, reserve members serving on continuous full time service and other approved personnel) only.

Medibank Health Solutions (MHS) cross-references invoices against the names and separation dates of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel who are no longer serving with the ADF or whom may be ineligible for healthcare services covered by the ADF.

Once ineligible or separated from the ADF, personnel may either cover their own healthcare costs or have their healthcare costs paid for by the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) for recognised conditions.

Invoices for services and treatment provided after the date of separation or eligibility period will not be paid by MHS, or in turn the ADF. In some cases, healthcare services or treatment for certain specialty services for ADF personnel will still be paid by MHS under a valid Defence Approval Number (DAN), even after separation from the ADF. If this is the case, MHS or the ADF personnel will provide the DAN.

As current or former serving ADF personnel may not remember to advise you of their service status, we suggest that you proactively seek clarification.

Please remember to ensure you submit to Garrison Health Services (GHS) a correctly rendered invoice only for the services or treatment you provide to EP’s. If the patient is not an EP, you will need to discuss alternative payment options directly with them, as GHS

will be unable to honour the invoice submitted. This will result in your invoice being rejected by GHS and returned to you for resolution directly with the former serving or ineligible ADF personnel.

If you have any questions, please call the GHS Provider Support team on 1300 126 420 or email us at ghs.providerfeedback@medibank.com.au.

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