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GHS Provider Events - Perth and Melbourne

In June 2018, Melbourne - based GHS providers joined GHS and ADF representatives, including ADF Medical Officers, for dinner at Simpson Barracks Officers' Mess. In August 2018, Perth - based providers attended a similar event at Leeuwin Barracks Officers' Mess.

These regional events provided an opportunity for Medical Specialists and Allied Health providers to hear from senior ADF and GHS representatives about the unique healthcare needs of ADF personnel.

Brigadier Len Brennan, Director General Garrison Health Operations and Dr Robert McGrath, GHS National Medical Director, gave personal insights into the environment that ADF personnel operate in, the challenges they face and the approaches to working collaboratively to meet ADF healthcare requirements.

Providers enjoyed meeting and getting to know On-base Health Centre staff, some of whom they had been corresponding regularly with in the course of treating ADF personnel. The event also provided a unique opportunity to engage and build relationships with other local providers and representatives from the ADF.

GHS organises regional provider events on a regular basis, so look out for events that may be occurring in your region.

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