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Interview with Dr Glenn Davies, Orthopaedic Surgeon & ...

Tell us about yourself and your practice.

I am a locally trained Orthopaedic Surgeon and have been in private practice at the Wesley for over 15 years. My practice focuses on injuries of knee and shoulder, in particular sporting injuries, however I also see degenerative conditions and perform arthroplasty surgery.

My family are from country Queensland and my wife and I have two primary school age children. I’m interested in most sporting activities, although being a Queensland Reds supporter I am used to regular disappointments.

How long have you been working with GHS as a healthcare provider to ADF personnel?

I have been working with GHS for over five years. The injuries sustained by ADF personnel are predominantly sports related injuries and having done an orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship, I find this makes the case load quite enjoyable.

What do you find most interesting about your work as a healthcare provider to ADF personnel? What are some health conditions you see?

It is really quite surprising how some ADF personnel are able to function in very strenuous activities. I found that the shoulder instability patterns in ADF personnel always seem to be much more extensive than the general population. I also treat ACL injuries as well as meniscal pathology. Chondromalacia patellae is also another common condition as well as a degree of rotator cuff tears and impingement. The patients are very motivated to get back to activity and work and the vast majority actually do very well.

How can On-base Clinicians best support Off-base healthcare providers like yourself?

The On-base Clinicians do an excellent job in working up patients prior to referral. Most patients have had an appropriate course of management and have already arranged most of the investigations that are required. Patients who have had surgery elsewhere are often provided with the operative notes if possible which are very useful when I am asked to review these patients. The On-base Clinicians are also very helpful in helping to arrange second opinions or reviews with other specialists.

What advice would you give to a healthcare professional who is considering becoming a provider to ADF personnel?

I would advise other healthcare professionals that they will be treating a cohort of patients who are motivated despite having, in many cases, significant injuries. The patients are often very appreciative of the time and effort that you are able to provide and can be at times challenging but a very rewarding experience.

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