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Important reminder about further treatment and on-referrals

Guidelines are in place to assist healthcare professionals to understand how requests for further treatment and on-referrals to external providers should occur, while ensuring all clinical and operational protocols are followed.

Referrals for further treatment should only be made after receiving approval from the referring ADF Medical Officer (MO). You should seek this approval by communicating with the MO using the contact information supplied on the referral form.

The referral form authorises the ADF personnel to see you for treatment. It will be completed by the referring MO and will contain the Defence Approval Numbers (DAN), which you will need to quote in all dealing with GHS about the ADF personnel.

The referral form will usually specify the number of appointments that the MO has authorised you to provide. If the treatment plan requires additional appointments, then you must obtain the approval of the referring MO to extend the validity of the referral before the existing number of referrals expires. You need to keep a written record of this approval. GHS reserves the right not to pay (or to recover payments made) for treatments provided in excess of a referral form if you are unable to prove that it was authorised.

On-referrals should only be made in accordance with currently accepted clinical protocols. If you need to refer ADF personnel for further treatment, the DAN supplied on the original referral must be provided to the specialist. A list of preferred suppliers for Pathology and Imaging and Radiology services can be found in the GHS Operational Procedures Guidelines.

For more information, please refer to the ADF Policy Guidelines – Healthcare entitlements for ADF personnel. The information in this policy can be used to answer any questions from ADF personnel relating to on-referrals.

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