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ADF personnel pharmacy entitlements

Reminder of the ADF policies governing medication use by ADF personnel

The ADF funds a predominantly equivalent range of medical & pharmaceutical products available to the Australian public under the provisions of Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Additional health services and pharmaceuticals can be provided to ADF personnel, although these are subject to ADF review and approval processes to ensure compliance with Defence policy.

Reasonable effort should be made to ensure that all prescriptions made are filled at the pharmacies On-base. 

Manufacturer samples of medicines, which are not otherwise routinely available to ADF personnel, must not be provided without the prior approval of the ADF.. Specialist medication prescriptions require review by ADF Medical Officers to ensure relevant occupational restrictions, medical employment category (MEC) implications and aviation medicine considerations are taken into account, and the appropriate administrative measures can be implemented. 


Please contact Garrison Health Services if you have any questions or concerns regarding the prescription of medication to ADF members.

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