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Interview with Dr William Ryman, GHS provider

Hear from Dr William Ryman, Dermatologist and valued GHS provider, about his experience of providing healthcare to ADF personnel.

What do you find most interesting about your work as a healthcare provider to ADF personnel?

I have a very busy specialist Dermatology practice in South West Sydney. The practice provides general Dermatology and has facilities for Dermatological Surgery, Phototherapy, PDT, Patch Testing and Superficial Radiotherapy treatment. Dr Esther Hong also works in the practice and has a special interest in women's health and consults with ADF personnel. I also provide Dermatology services On-base to ADF personnel at the Duntroon Health Centre.

I find it really interesting to hear from ADF patients about where they have been posted and their differing work conditions and environments.

Please tell us about an interesting case you encountered recently.

Recently I treated an ADF patient with a rare tumour, previously diagnosed as a dematofibroma which recurred as a dermatofibroma sarcoma protruberans and required major surgery. Another presented with a widespread rash and was systemically unwell. He required immediate admission to Hospital where it was confirmed he had an acute drug reaction.

What is the best way On-base clinicians can support Off-base healthcare providers like you?

On-base Clinicians provide the best support by providing details of any treatments already provided, prioritising urgent cases, monitoring the treatments that I might prescribe and reporting back to me with any concerns. I have found over the last five years that the On-base Clinicians provide excellent support and aftercare.

What advice would you give to a healthcare professional who is considering becoming a provider to ADF personnel?

I would certainly recommend to any Healthcare Professional that they agree to provide services to ADF personnel.  It is fulfilling because ADF personnel are very respectful patients, comply well with the treatment prescribed and are keen to return to active service. I feel that the service ADF personnel give to their country is important and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to their wellbeing.

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