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ADF policy update relating to failure to attend ...

ADF personnel attendance at a healthcare appointment is considered a duty commitment and is subject to the requirements of the Absence from Duty regulations under the ADF Disciplinary Act. Given this context, Joint Health Command (JHC) are focussed on monitoring ADF personnel attendance at scheduled appointments, particularly for mental health appointments. If an ADF patient fails to attend their appointment it is important that you notify the relevant On-base Health Centre as soon as possible.

Failure to attend (FTA) may have health implications for ADF personnel’s effective recovery from injury or illness.

How you can assist

To assist with the management of FTAs please notify the relevant On-base Health Centre when ADF personnel fail to attend an appointment. 

This is especially important for Mental Health providers because the consequences of ADF personnel missing scheduled Mental Health treatments may be more complex than simply forgetting the appointment.

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