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ADF policy update regarding additional Orthotics

Guidelines have been created to assist healthcare professionals to understand how the current ADF policy should be applied for the provision of Foot Orthoses. There are a number of important considerations to be made before recommending Orthotics to ADF personnel.

All permanent ADF personnel are eligible for one pair of prescribed or pre-fabricated Orthoses when approved by the Medical Officer (MO). More than one pair of Orthotics for ADF personnel can only be issued after receiving explicit approval by the Senior Medical Officer or Senior Contracted Clinician. Furthermore, pre-fabricated or ‘off-the-shelf’ Orthotics are to be supplied via an On-base ADF Pharmacy.

The provision of additional Orthoses will only be approved for clinically substantiated and valid reasons. Please note, a second set of Orthotics to cover both ‘dress’ shoes and ‘work’ shoes is not a clinical reason to request a second set of Orthotics.

Prescription of Orthoses may impact the employment statues for ADF personnel. ADF personnel requiring Foot Orthoses are required to have a Medical Employment Classification Review.


For more information, please refer to the Guidance for Podiatrists: ADF policy relating to Foot Orthoses on the GHS website. The information in this policy can be used to answer any questions from ADF personnel relating to Orthotics.

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