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ADF policy update regarding hospital discharge requirements

The ADF has introduced a standard national approach to discharge ADF personnel from Hospital in-patient facilities to manage the transition of ADF personnel back to ADF bases

The referring Health Centre is to be notified of discharge prior to discharge occurring. This is to allow the Health Centre to arrange any transportation required, and ensure ADF personnel are able to attend the Health Centre upon returning to the ADF Base. To facilitate these requirements, the ADF request that discharge take place from Monday to Thursday, no later than 3pm, with Friday discharge to occur before 12pm.

The discharge summary is to be provided to the referring MO at/or prior to discharge of ADF personnel from Hospital.

The admitting Specialist is to ensure that ADF personnel are provided with the required medication, dressings and appliances (e.g. brace/crutches) upon discharge.

GHS has recently updated the GHS Hospital Operational Procedure for servicing ADF personnel and this has been provided to all contracted Hospitals. The aim of the procedure is to improve consistency and transparency in healthcare delivery for ADF personnel when they are admitted to Hospital.

Please contact GHS if you have any questions relating to the GHS Hospital Operational Procedure.

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