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Refer ADF personnel to subcontracted Pathology and Imaging ...

GHS subcontracts Specialist Diagnostic Services (SDS) to provide Pathology services, and I-MED Radiology (I-MED) to provide Imaging services. This ensures ADF On-base Clinicians receive timely access to electronic results that are nationally accessible.

When you refer ADF personnel to SDS or I-MED the electronic results are nationally available via a web portal.

Even if a non-subcontracted provider is physically closer to your practice than an SDS or I-MED centre, their results will not be made instantly available electronically to On-base Clinicians; potentially delaying the provision of healthcare.

To ensure ADF personnel are at their peak health condition and ready for deployment, it is imperative that their pathway of healthcare is not interrupted or delayed. You can assist by referring ADF personnel to SDS and I-MED to ensure effective On-base healthcare oversight, follow-up and continuity-of-care.

To locate an SDS collection centre please refer to the Pathology state guide and click on your state.

To locate an I-MED clinic please refer to the Imaging and Radiology state guide.

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