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Clinical complaints and incident management improvements

All service providers are expected to achieve and maintain Clinical excellence. However our robust Complaints and Clinical Incident Management (CCIM) process enables improvements to minimise the risk of incidents and maximise the standard of care.

Over time, our CCIM process has steadily evolved resulting in a number of positive systematic improvements within GHS, JHC, the ADF’s Joint Health Units (JHUs), our subcontractors and service providers.

Some positive improvements resulting from CCIM investigations are:

  • identification and management of medication incidents
  • improved referral and escalation pathways for Pathology results outside of business hours.

Our CCIM process is focused on providing a system that is accessible, responsive, transparent and accountable. It increases user engagement, enhances the quality and reputation of our service and removes the fear of punitive process.

GHS is focused on three key aspects of complaints and incident reporting, including:

  • reporting
  • investigation and mitigation of future issues
  • tracking.

The GHS website has additional information about GHS Clinical governance.

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