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Medibank is working in partnership with Specialists, Hospitals, policy makers and the broader health system to improve health outcomes, healthcare experiences and affordability for Australians.

Information sharing is key to improving the delivery of healthcare and patient outcomes. Medibank is partnering with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) on a series of reports to improve Clinicians’ understanding of variations in surgical practice.

Medibank provided the RACS with de-identified administrative data. RACS analysed the information to provide their Fellows with meaningful data. The resulting Surgical Variance Reports provide Surgeons with access to information on Clinical indicators such as:


  • length of patient stay
  • rates of re-admission
  • admission to Intensive Care Units
  • complication rates
  • prices charged for services.


The reports deliberately pose questions that every Clinician can reasonably ask about the possible reasons for the variations, and consider individual answers.

Medibank is proud to partner with RACS on this pioneering initiative—demonstrating the benefits of collaboration and collective leadership for Medibank, RACS, Surgeons and our providers.

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