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About the GHS Provider Network

Medibank’s Garrison Health Services (GHS) delivers a national integrated healthcare service to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Through Medibank’s extensive network, GHS provides seamless access to quality healthcare to the 60 000+ permanent and 20 000+ reservist uniformed ADF personnel - from point of injury or illness to recovery.

Once medical requirements are referred Off-base, ADF personnel receive specialist care via the GHS Provider Network.

The GHS team manages and coordinates access to a comprehensive nation-wide group of over 4500 Medical Specialists, over 9000 Allied Health professionals and over 250 Hospitals working in collaboration across all states and territories.

The GHS Provider Network connects all ADF personnel to quality healthcare practitioners; regardless of location. It ensures all personnel receive care from healthcare professionals, both subcontractors and service providers, who follow service guidelines and are managed within the GHS clinical and corporate governance frameworks to ensure compliance with all delivery requirements. As well as having extensive experience in their respective fields, they are required to meet and maintain all insurance, registration and accreditation.

The GHS Provider Network was originally established in extensive consultation with JHC to ensure continuity and sustainability of the existing ADF healthcare capability. It was further expanded by leveraging Medibank’s extensive access to provides and existing relationships.

How does it work?

ADF personnel receive primary health services at one of the 59 ADF On-base Health Centres. Once medical requirements are referred Off-base by an ADF Medical Officer, GHS manages access to secondary and tertiary health services via the GHS Central Appointment Team (CAT). The CAT coordinates access to, and appointment management of, care by Medical and Surgical Specialists, Allied Health professionals, Hospitals and other services as required.

The CAT is central to access, managing day-to-day workflow to ensure a seamless transition between On-base and Off-base healthcare. The team engages with the On-base Health Centres and regional providers to build and manage relationships to ensure the highest quality healthcare experience for personnel.

In all instances possible the CAT books appointments with providers that are part of the GHS network.

Once a provider has treated ADF personnel, the invoice is sent to GHS who pays it on behalf of the ADF.

Read further information on all aspects of being a provider that services ADF personnel, including responsibilities, terms and conditions.

If you have further questions try the FAQs page.

A basic step-by-step guide

  1. An ADF personnel requires primary healthcare treatment and goes to an ADF On-base Health Centre
  2. The personnel is treated onsite by an ADF Medical Officer
  3. The personnel requires secondary offsite treatment
  4. The Medical Officer refers personnel to a medical service Off-base
  5. The ADF On-base Health Centre sends a Referral Form to the CAT
  6. The CAT makes an appointment with an appropriate provider
  7. The CAT advises personnel of appointment details
  8. The personnel attends appointment and receives treatment by a provider
  9. The provider supplies written health report to referring Medical Officer
  10. The provider invoices Garrison Health Services
  11. Garrison Health Services pays the provider.

Please note there are many pathways of medical care - this is a very simplified process and an example only.

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