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The GHS Annual Review 2018

October 2018

Download the GHS 2018 Annual Review.

The GHS Annual Review 2017

October 2017

Download the GHS 2017 Annual Review

The GHS Annual Review 2016

October 2016

Download the GHS 2016 Annual Review

The GHS Annual Review 2015
October 2015

Download the GHS 2015 Annual Review.


GHS Provider Network Newsletter

November 2018
Download the November 2018 Provider Network Newsletter

June 2018
Download the June 2018 Provider Network Newsletter

November 2017
Download the November 2017 Provider Network Newsletter

June 2017
Download the June 2017 Provider Network Newsletter

December 2016
Download the December 2016 Provider Network Newsletter

May 2016
Download the May 2016 Provider Network Newsletter.

November 2015
Download the November 2015 Provider Network Newsletter.

July 2015
Download the July 2015 Provider Network Newsletter.

April 2015
Download the April 2015 Provider Network Newsletter.

November 2014
Download the November 2014 Provider Network Newsletter.

May 2014
Download the May 2014 Provider Network Newsletter.


The GHS Annual Review 2014 
October 2014

Download the GHS 2014 Annual Review.


The GHS Annual Report 2013 
October 2013

Download the GHS 2013 Annual Report.



The GHS year in review

See GHS key activities and accomplishments from the past financial year.

October 2016

November 2015

October 2014


GHS in action

Go behind-the-scenes and meet the people that proudly deliver a world-class health service to the ADF.

November 2015

October 2014



Media Release

18 February 2016

Medibank renews partnership with ADF


Read archived media items.

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