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The role of GHS

Garrison Health Services - the health of the ADF is central to everything we do

Medibank’s Garrison Health Services (GHS) delivers a national integrated healthcare service to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Through Medibank’s extensive network, GHS provides seamless access to quality healthcare to the 60 000+ permanent and 20 000+ reservist uniformed ADF personnel—from point of injury or illness to recovery.

The GHS team manages and coordinates over 1100 On-base primary healthcare experts, over 5000 Medical Specialists, over 260 Hospitals and over 9000 Allied Health professionals, working in collaboration across all Australian states and territories.

Medibank provides comprehensive management of the provision and clinical oversight of health services to the ADF through an innovative model. These services are delivered through its GHS business and include prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for both physical and mental health conditions. These capabilities are provided through excellence and consistency in clinical governance and management practices.

A common goal

In mid–2012, the ADF announced a ground breaking agreement with Medibank to reform and deliver a national healthcare solution. 

This resulted in the creation of Medibank’s Garrison Health Services business unit. This four-year first-of-a-kind contract, with revenues of $1.3 billion, redefines integrated healthcare delivery in Australia. 

Leveraging Medibank’s health industry experience, access to providers, know-how and clinical expertise, the arrangement saw the ADF’s Joint Heath Command (JHC) and GHS provide greater efficiency and national consistency in the delivery of healthcare services with consistent clinical governance and management practices.

GHS does not manage or influence the ADF budget or policies. The focus is on guaranteeing healthcare continuity, clinical excellence, coordination of the best access to healthcare providers, and improving the value of every healthcare dollar spent by the ADF and, ultimately, by the Australian taxpayer.

A nationally consistent approach

An integrated delivery team—managing end-to-end healthcare requirements

GHS has a strong national presence with its team spanning every state and territory. All parts of the business operate under a governance framework that puts ADF personnel at the centre.

The integrated GHS structure means JHC has a single point of contact to ensure streamlined and simplified processes and accountability. Encompassing all aspects of contract delivery—from clinical and corporate governance, to booking medical appointments, to finance, data collection, reporting and administration—GHS offers the balance of a nationally consistent approach with the flexibility to deliver regionally-focused solutions.

The year in review 2015

See GHS key activities and accomplishments from the 2016 financial year.

About Medibank

As well as being Australia’s largest health insurer, providing cover to more than 3.8 million people, Medibank provides contracted health management services for government and corporate clients including online and telephone-based health services. This results in over 3 million health related interactions per year through a scalable, multi-channel healthcare services model. This model provides high-quality, clinically appropriate, accessible care at an efficient cost.

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