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Join the GHS provider network

Support the ADF and the vital role they play for Australia

By the nature of their profession, ADF personnel need to maintain operational readiness or regain peak health condition to fulfil their duties—it’s crucial they have access to world-class healthcare.

Eligible healthcare providers are encouraged to use their medical expertise to support this interesting, important and unique group of Australians.


By applying to join the GHS Provider Network a provider can benefit from priority status in referral systems and favourable payment terms, while taking pride in playing the essential role of serving the health needs of Australia’s Defence Force.

To apply to join the network:

  1. Read this information:
    Provider Agreement Terms and Conditions
    Operational Procedures Guidelines
    ADF policy guidelines: Healthcare entitlements for ADF personnel
  2. Fill out and submit this form:
    Provider Agreement

To change your details: 

Fill out and submit this form

For more information or support: 

Call: 1300 126 420
Email: adfenquiries@medibank.com.au

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